And so it shall be.

If it is important for you and your life-

do something constructive every day

to improve the situation. It dosent have

to be a big step….just a step-

and as time goes on the future will

become clearer for you.

Riss Dolman

Soak it in…..

What ever life has install for you…

What ever life has to throw at you…

What ever life has to teach you…

What ever life has to give you…

Your life is like a sponge-

soak it up…..

soak it in.

Riss Dolman



…..The Wisdom of Time…

As we continue on this path called life-

today we should look at the positives

we have with us. These are the gems

we have gathered around ourselves.

They stay with us in times of need.

It may be good health, strength in

family or staunch friends. Whatever

yours may be, feel the peace that

you feel safe and loved.

Riss Dolman


Exciting Life….

Life Can be so electrifying and exciting- because

it is the very essence of energy. Your body

reacts in the same way as you

experience life-let it enjoy

the benefits of  this

exciting life…and

enjoy the energy.


The Traveller…

Our world, 


We will have traveled this world,

made our mark and left our print…..

Make sure the print  you leave behind,

makes a good impression, that it leaves

a good impression, for those you leave

behind. Show them who are yet to follow

in your steps…. how to make their

impression for years to come.