..Dont Forget….

Dont forget-at this time of year, when

the hustle and bustle of busy days, busy nights,

shopping, wrapping presents, visiting and relaxing,

– that there will always be lonely people in this world……

Take the time to smile at a passerby or at least say Merry

Christmas and have a great day…..it could be the only thing

they had heard nice for a while. You could have even made

their year……..

Enjoy your festivities whatever they are.

Riss Dolman


Do You not feel your life moving fast.

From the little baby you once were – to the adult

you are now. Tick, Tick, Tick. It is the clock of life………

And we have but one. Find your Passion……..

Find your Niche’….

If no-one likes it…Toooooooooo Bad.

As long as you do, thats all that counts.

Enjoy your creation and find your Niche’

and make your mark.

Riss Dolman

Mondays news…….

Look up, look out, look beyond.

Try seeing past this existence

of wealth and power and greed.

It is time to look at the unlimited

power and love of the universe and

what it has to offer. Look in awe at

our views, fresh air and abundance.

try to succeed by first… being happy.

Riss Dolman.


Festive times……..

Red and Bright

As the Festive times are coming and

the bright reds, greens, and silvers of

the tinsel across the tree creep into

our mind and houses, brimming

with joy for the times ahead.

Stay tuned Santa is coming…

Riss Dolman