Are You a Pre-contemplator……???

Are you one of those people who blissfully float along in life and let the wind catch your hair saying “It will be alright on the day,” or “Nah, It will never happen”. Have you decided that while you remain unaware of any discomfort to your daily life that there is no need to address any change and continue on your current route.

If we are talking about a persons immediate current desire to do nothing,……. that there might be an issue – but they can see no issue, so they see there is no concern, when there clearly is a concern….(for example a weight issue) then they could fall under the little word known as a ┬áPre-contemplator….

Yes, that is right………. a Pre-contemplator.

healthy living…

Pre-contemplation is a stage in a change of behaviors that address the readiness of a person to move forward from their current position (doing nothing -blissfully ignorant) along a continuum into an area of change. Pre-contemplation may well cover a gamut of behaviors such as smoking, drinking alcohol, weight loss etc, or one that can be easy to explain like changing someones behavior in order for them to start up exercise. (Di Clemente CC, Prochaska JO 1992)

When someone has a weight gain issue, exercise is a helpful tool (along with a height/weight calorie controlled plan) to help maintain a healthy BMI and weight range. This does not mean that at this blissfully unaware stage that nothing can be done or said to help encourage someone to move forward towards change or in this instance exercise.

Goals are Important for a person to see that staying at the current weight and doing nothing will make the issue stay the same. Maybe you can help them to see a future for themselves.

  • Help the person understand the reason or reasons behind why change may be important to their life.
  • Understand where the person presently is stationed in their life.
  • Employ empathy as to their current situation ….and be mindful of this.
  • Encourage future and open conversations, without telling the person ‘What’ to do.
  • Validate the persons reasons for being who they are.

Always acknowledge that a Conversation is a start in the right direction, and because there has not been added pressure the person may return to you when they change their mind……….

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