When Motivation is low…………

If you feel you are lost for inspiration

for the day…..thats OK! Sometimes life

has a habit of doing that to us. Dont despair.

Try to look to others for current inspiration.

It only needs to be momentary – until yours returns.

Borrow someones. I’m sure they wont mind

that you have read something, heard something or

seen something that has made you think nice thoughts.

Make it work for you for now. If your day looks a little

dull. Remember a day when it didn’t. Transport yourself

to that day and allow yourself to capture that memory.

Smile quietly and lovingly to the world. Look upwards and

say “today is just another day” – tomorrows day will be


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When you need Clarity…

It is time to connect……………..

It is time to connect with the here and now, and to be present in the moment. Stop and listen to the cues that life is offering you. Be clear with what you are asking for in life. Try and think of the current issue – stand still. Be grounded. Maybe go outside and take your shoes off and stand tall with your feet firm on the earth, maybe out of the sun and  in the shade. Look up to the trees and sky. See how they are always there for you to look up to and ……. relax.  It is time…… Breathe deeply and clear your pressing thoughts. Let them leave your mind for now and think of the day as new and fresh. As you focus more clearly and your thoughts become less stressed it is a good time to be happy with where you are in your life and be grateful for what you have. Breathe deeply. Open you eyes with a new and invigorated view of life. Set your day well and go forward. With this new clear eye and thought you can expect great things to happen. What you constructively put out in this world and work on, will come back to you ten fold.

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Another Barrrr Larfff…


A woman walks into a bar and asks the person behind the bar ‘How about I show you a trick and if it is great-I can get a free drink? The bar manager agrees. The woman reaches into her bag and and pulls out a rat…. she then reaches back into her bag and pulls out a small piano. The rat stretches and proceeds to play some lovely, lively 80’s music. You win… This drinks on me says the bar manager. After finishing her first drink….she says to the bartender – If I show you a better trick than that one, can I get free drinks until I leave. He quickly agrees. What could be better than the first trick he thinks. She reaches back into the bag and pulls out a frog, puts the frog next to the rat playing the piano…and then proceeds to sing along with the music. Well I never, said the bartender and proceeds to pour drinks for the happy young lady for free. While sitting there listening to the frog sing with the piano music being played by the rat…..a stranger confronts her and offers $100.000 for the frog…Sorry she replies – the frogs not for sale. The stranger increases the amount to $250.000. Nope…Sorry again she replies. Look the stranger says I will give you $500.000 cash up front. After an extended amount of thinking and time to decides, the woman gives in and hands over the frog to the stranger for the money. He then leaves happily….. The bartender says …are you serious That frog could have been worth sooooooo much more than that – even Millions and you let it go for a measly $500.000. Don’t worry too much – the woman says with a wry smile…..The frog wasn’t anything too special or inspirational…..You see the Rat…….well he’s a ventriloquist………..

Boom Boom

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Today’s Laffffffff……

The ‘high five’ Irish fun joke……Oldie but Goodie

A young Irishman goes into a Bar in Dublin.

He orders 3 pints of Guinness and sits down in

the back room-drinking a sip out of each one in turn.

When he finishes them, he comes back to the bar and

orders 3 more. The bartender remarks that the beers will

go flat – so he can pour one at a time for the young man

if he preferred. The Irishman replied that he has 2 other

brothers (one in USA the other in Australia) Im here in

Dublin and promised my brothers we would drink this

way to remember each other while were apart.

The bartender leaves him to his ritual.

The Irishman becomes a regular in the

pub and continues with his ritual……until one day!!!!!!

He orders 2 pints. The others punters notice and fall silent.

The bartender doesn’t want to intrude on his privacy

but when he returns to buy the next round….

The bartender offers his condolences for the

great loss of one of his brothers.

The Irishman looks confused for a moment and then

slowly it dawns on him and he perks up with his reply.

Oh, No. He says, Everyone is fine…….

I’ve just quit drinking…….

Boom Boom…………….

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Are we entitled in this life. What are we

entitled to? Do we know what we are entitled to. It is

difficult to know when we have worked hard to have the

things we enjoy-and others do not……are we entitled?

Should we feel good or feel bad?

Should we feel happy about our entitlement?

Once we have become entitled and enjoying life-

How should we  look at life then….. To know we have earnt

our entitlement. Then we should know that we are entitled

……….to help others.


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Nothing to Worry about..

This is the year…….. 2018 is the year of

abundance, fun, love and laughter. With

the ride of your life’ lit up’ and ready to go…

Take every chance and every thought you have

stored for yourself……. and make the splash you

deserve. Its time for those aspiring juices to get

to work. Dont wait another minute……..

You have nothing to worry about.

Riss Dolman


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..Dont Forget….

Dont forget-at this time of year, when

the hustle and bustle of busy days, busy nights,

shopping, wrapping presents, visiting and relaxing,

– that there will always be lonely people in this world……

Take the time to smile at a passerby or at least say Merry

Christmas and have a great day…..it could be the only thing

they had heard nice for a while. You could have even made

their year……..

Enjoy your festivities whatever they are.

Riss Dolman

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Do You not feel your life moving fast.

From the little baby you once were – to the adult

you are now. Tick, Tick, Tick. It is the clock of life………

And we have but one. Find your Passion……..

Find your Niche’….

If no-one likes it…Toooooooooo Bad.

As long as you do, thats all that counts.

Enjoy your creation and find your Niche’

and make your mark.

Riss Dolman

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Mondays news…….

Look up, look out, look beyond.

Try seeing past this existence

of wealth and power and greed.

It is time to look at the unlimited

power and love of the universe and

what it has to offer. Look in awe at

our views, fresh air and abundance.

try to succeed by first… being happy.

Riss Dolman.


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