Great – I’ve Started The New Me…… I’ve Enhanced Me..and my moods..

Well what would you be likely to expect out of the ‘New You’. If you have decided that it would be Exercise that will help you to put your best foot forward in 2017 – then lets look at some of the pluses. It may take some time, but you can look forward to an abundant amount of Pros as opposed to Cons for your makeover. Exercise is an extremely good receptive for your body to take up – and in turn will reshape your form. It is interesting to note that from an increase in physical activity you are likely to improve strength, core ability and stability. Other types of life affects from exercise that are becoming impossible to ignore are………..

  • Mood Enhancement – There is no doubt that when you have had a stressful day or event, that to clear the head you could handle it in one of two ways. One way, is to enjoy a nice glass of red wine while relaxing on the couch. (It may help – but dosent solve the main objective) or you could indulge yourself  in a mood altering exercise regime. To clear the head -so to speak- is a positive way to indulge in the new you. Mood enhancement can take as little as five minutes for you to realize that things aren’t that bad as they seem and by getting out of the house can shift the stubborn current focus.
  • Out in the fresh Air….
  • The Natural High Enhancer – There has been a lot of conjecture and study as to the types of mood enhancers that exercise can produce in a person. Some research points to exercise as being a natural remedy to help ward off, slow and alleviate panic attacks and anxiety. (Depression and Anxiety, 2008) This does not mean that simply by getting out and running around that exercise will fix a diagnosed issue, however it does help to improve the problem by supplying clean CO2 enriched air to your body. This has to be good for you. The continual strive for improve to alleviate anxiety and panic attacks will continue, however do start a gentle regime-and see what happens. In conjunction with other therapies is could be the boost or change you are looking for.
  • sleep Normalization – It has been proven that by exercising even 10 -15 minutes a day can help to normalize sleep patterns. Some research shows that by increasing the serotonin in the brain through exercise that it  gives the brain a boost (nice thoughts about yourself) and can in turn relax any stressful thoughts at night while trying to sleep. We all know what it feels like to be exhausted in a healthy way and what a good nights sleep it produces…..sleep like a rock.
  • The Pay Off – So there is no real negative ideal about how exercise can indeed improve overall Mental well being and general health. There are many forms of exercise you are capable of trialing. (Running, swimming, gym and classes associated with them, bike riding, rock climbing, walking and many more) Try them all until you can settle on your favorite…….Enjoy -and stay tuned.


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