….keep going….

So after much thought and process and ongoing Action from someone who has changed their previous behaviour into a brand new one, Maintenance becomes the next stage for that person to assess, review and to manage the ongoing current status quo. (Maintain)

While the management of the new behaviour has some very positive consequences, (example of weight loss – can be increased fitness, self esteem and health) it is interesting to note for some that maintenance can just last between six months and  five years. (Janis and Mann, 1977) It then becomes a decision for the person trying to maintain the new behaviour change, to assess whether the change has definitely become the new “Me“. This  has been examined throughout the journey of the Change process covered by the transtheoretical Model, Prochaska, J.O., Redding, C.A & Evers, K. (2002) that a balance needs to be reached, whereby the individual feels that the new behaviour is like a second skin to them and that the bad behaviours previously arent even worth a second thought.

The involvement of this new skin (new me) to remain in place has been discussed by Bandura, 1977,1982 and how self-efficacy reflects a persons confidence to continue in the same footsteps and on the same pathway with the new behaviour when triggered by temptations. (eg  unhealthy decisions, unhealthy food options, lack of motivation to exercise) In a high risk situation the persons lack of confirmed self change may be challenged. This can result in a relapse situation, back to the originally unhealthy behaviour. This could be momentarily or for a longer period, however the resolve to try ‘change’ again can be fortified as a result that the person felt the new change and became inspired by it……….

Maintain, maintain, maintain and reap the rewards of the new improved you.

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