Motivation….. Continued

Ok, Now you have started somewhere with this now and Improved ‘Motivated you’….Where to from here. There are always good reasons to keep on the path….The Final Destination is in sight or what we call….the ‘End Goal’.

What is the End Goal? What does it look like to you? With visualization and what you have to look forward to, you now you have taken steps to get closer to it (the goal) – and it should be your inspiration to continue.

  • Start with Experimenting ……….Dont let the boredom set in now you have started.

So consider Exercise as an example….You will need to have more than one type of exercise to keep you in tip top shape and to continually challenge your body and mind. Try starting to exercise with a friend, relative or even your husband/wife. Then vary your technique. For example, try a gym, as well as walking, riding a bike, swimming etc with your friend. (They can help you to stay motivated and keep you honest) Remember – when you start it short be the short term goal looking toward the end goal.

  • Write it down….Have your goal ready to access so you can continue on step by step as you previously planned out..
  • Write yourself a Contract. This is perfect for those who start, stop, start, stop…this will help to encourage you to stay on track. “I promise to go to the Gym at least 3 times a week” – after all I am paying for it”. This will definitely get you results. You turn up-results will follow.
  • Build a Mantra. This may sound a bit unusual but Mantras are extremely helpful for following a dream and turning it into a reality. ie ‘My passion is to strive, work hard and achieve.’ make your own. Write it down and say it to yourself. Over time it becomes who you become.
  • Focus on the task at hand. Give it 100 percent to the challenge.
  • Set the Mood. This means get ready for Change and the future.
  • Dont get defeated. Attitude towards the task is half of the battle.
  • Break old habits and turn them into new and fresh ones. People will notice the change and so should you….

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