Our Amazing bodies……. and what we do with them….or Not!

This is not a health and well being site. It does not profess to be but while I have the ability to write early pieces and practice on how to familiarize myself with my new  site – I would like to write and comment on all aspects of life. After all – Itsmylifetoo. Exercise, Weight Management. Firstly, I would like to acknowledge that all over the world people are becoming more and more health conscious. There is a lot of thought these days that goes into the realms of Diet and Exercise. It is a billion dollar business and can be lucrative –  for those interested and that want to play the game. There is a large variant of people that range from the unaware sloths, who continue to step closer to their graves with bad choices, food or otherwise, and the alternative people who overdo every step of the process and lack some form of moderation in search for that perfect state. So, what to do? The question has been asked for decades and with those who have chosen to be involved has to some degree worked -or not. Maybe while dealing with Diet, Exercise and food management for the last 7 years within my role at a female gym (Curves) – I can literally weigh in on the subject (excuse the pun)
It would be a good time for any person wanting to take up the challenge of self Improvement through Exercise and diet to indeed comprehensively make a checklist before they start. It may help to enhance the outcome of their personal Challenge.
It does go without saying……..

Start somewhere……..

It is Paramount to realize that the inner Ego definitively drives the Self. The Body is guided by not only by what happens in our day to day dealings – but that our mind or Ego plays a large part in who we are and what we are. Firstly, we are what we think we are…. and what we think about ourselves reflects outwardly in our personal worlds.

There are a multitude of people who visit the gym daily and realistically find that size does -or does not matter. If you are comfortable with your size and weight, then it becomes no ones business to tell you otherwise. With respect as to why you are visiting the gym, and if it is to improve your health……..then there in lies your answer and it is a matter for you to begin some-where, any-where because yesterday you were doing nothing…………


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