Awe……. shucks…

We will have this life

together……and will

enjoy our journey


Riss Dolman

Stand Tall….

Your stature is firm,

tall and stable. People

look to you for support.

You are there for people

to lean on. They can

count on you.

Riss Dolman

…Stretch yourself…..

…Such is….

Stretch yourself and discover

new horizons. Go on a journey,

seek new landscapes to explore.

Be daring – one life


Riss Dolman



Garden Delights


Flowers are born to

Soothe sore eyes….

Riss Dolman


Talk to someone new today…….

and with that, you can learn…

something new……today….

Riss Dolman

Is the grass greener….

If you think the grass is greener….

you haven’t been  on unfertilized lawn

that has brown spots from little rain…..

or uneven and furrowed grass from long games of

football and cricket played on them. You haven’t laid on

that lawn and stared at the stars at night

and remembered the good old days. The grass may

not always be greener, but it holds

some dear old memories.


….The Wind…

let the wind whisper its powerful

thoughts, and while its fiery force blows

us in all directions, think positive and

allow the wind to blow the negativity


Riss Dolman

…The Butterfly..

When you see the butterfly…….

– and it is floating past gently using its

wings in the wind to guide it, know that

its beauty and loveliness is for your eyes

only. Know that the butterfly wants to

remind you that transformation is in

your hands. Sent to remind you of

someone or something beautiful.

Beauty is everywhere.

The butterfly is to

remind us of this.

Riss Dolman.



This month I am reminded that

life is not a set of random ongoing

events – but a path of living and learning

and growing…. With new found knowledge

I can create my own story and be thankful

for being capable of infinite wisdom…

As we all are.


Riss Dolman

How’s the Weather……

Feel the Warm

They say that the weather can influence people with how they behave and how they feel. Doctors now believe that differing weather conditions and change in climate can and does in fact affect our well being, albeit our health.

Some people appear to be affected differently to others, but it is obvious to most that fresh clean air and a beautiful sunny day can have an invigoration quality.

Sunshine …… Surveys have been shown that those people reportedly in good or ill health had felt better when days were sunny rather than when the sky was overcast. Doctors and psychologists have now recognised a conditions called Seasonal affective Disorder (SAD)that alters peoples perception and mood alongside the type of weather experienced. During periods of where there is little natural daylight or a lot of cloud coverage, people express moods of being lethargic and depressed. These moods seem to differ and lift as the longer days commence and once normal sunshine hours extend. It is also noted that sunshine helps with the function of vitamin D. This is helpful in people prone to weak and brittle bones. Spring weather creates opportunities to improve tha  lethargic feeling and help drive away depression after the long winter months. Seeing and feeling the warmer weather encourages you to get active.  (more…)