Spirit Of Enquiry

its beginning to look....
its beginning….
These days in which the human ‘spirit of inquiry’ is more alive than at any time in history, we are constantly bombarded with social media. The masses are finding more ways to introduce, sell, buy, learn and ponder this increasingly tech savvy world. So to start somewhere and to learn as progression takes place, is the only way forward. Do I want to be part of this? Of Course? I want to be in the human race as a constant inquirer and to selectively take my place in the learning curve. My goal is to Blog, to achieve and respond and be inspired and to inspire. It will be how I want to go forward. I do not want to just sit by and wished I had tried it for myself. I will try.
For someone once said to me “These are My good Old days”. not tomorrow, not in the future – but now!
I want to look back and have contributed. Tread gently and be kind. Itsmylifetoo.

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