There is Nothing to Worry About….. or is there?

From time to time in our lives we can all be faced with Challenges. They range from the the smallest mundane challenge and generally with a single decision can be fixed or managed and overcome, ready to carry on and get ready for the next in life. These are the day to day issues in life that we all have to deal with.. What time to leave home and go to work, what is the quickest route at 8.35 am to take, how to organise dinner and pay bills, shop on the lunch break and so on. Mundane right? Right? Requiring little or no stress on any ones behalf. These issues actually become part of life without even noticing them and management of these become second nature-no thought required.

Well what about the larger ones, the more involved multi leveled time constricting, long term Challenges that affect life, peoples health, their well being, relationships, money? What about something that did not start too stressful, but while you were dealing with the mundane, another part of -“One of your Challenges in life” – it all got out of hand. While you weren’t watching the game,  you took your eye off the ball, someone just hit it for a six and seemingly just flew out of the ballpark. The Issue that is.- not the ball.

And when the ball finally got dropped, rolled to a dead halt and was then found hiding under a bush….. it became a guessing game as to where it all went wrong – the Issue that is, not the ball.

There are many reasons why there wasn’t just a huge ‘Kapow’ and a wake up call to the issue (that is now at hand) it being larger than just a day to day mundane and capable one that can be solved. is it because it became far easier to ignore the growth factor and carry on with life, and because it crept slowly, grew slowly, festered, it got ignored again while hoping it would magically disappear……and then before you knew it ……It was there staring at you larger than life.

The issue then just got scary. This is where it does affect some aspect of life, and it now needs some level of interaction, solution and help to find the next logical step…..

So here is my point.

Tricky path in life…

Where does it become logical, to know that what you have at hand has moved from ‘mundane and easy to handle – to an acceleration of large and scary’… and what to do next………….

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