…Here today…

Does this mean there are happy days to come


Of Course there does – Joy is here for everyone. Joy has a magical sense attached to it and can manifest whatever feelings you would like to feel-feel it with joy. Today, tomorrow and into the days to come. Joy allows you to create a presence for you to remember. If it comes your way and manifests itself……stay centered, relax and enjoy.

Total Joy…the small things in life-a spinning top of old.

What do we talk about in our House…..

We talk about birth and the joy it brings, growing and the fun of learning new things. We talk about love and the feelings that go with everything to do with love. Life and love sometimes go together-forever. Your love in life. We talk about Family and Friends and what they mean to us. How they make us whole and protect us. We talk about the earth, the moon, the sky, the wind and all things precious granted to us while here on earth. We should love them all more. We talk about immortality and death…..

In between birth and death there is a whole lot of things to enjoy. We should enjoy them all with our family and friends. Make your time here precious.

Blessing in Disguise

How do we know that what has happened- hasn’t happened for a reason.

Know that your ready and deserving of a future


Getting started- For it will become a new year. 

Decisions are needed For it is time to make it count. Dont let the old grass keep growing. Before you know it will be too hard to handle. Now is the time to harvest for a new season. Out with the old and in with the new. Now is the time to practice what you preach . If it is fresh beginning then the start of the new year is about to arrive. Take time and prepare.

Take a chance – In this Life.

Relax and take in the view of life.

Feel Good

An Inspiration a day-

Keeps the Blues Away..

No Regrets

Dont Look Back, You can never Look Back.

If you do it will be only to learn,

Never Look back, In this world ….

Have No regrets.

Brand New Day

Its a Brand New Day.

Wake up with A new Vigor

And greet the world……

Tip of the day.

Families……… They are just not a small part

of your life…….They are all of your life…..

50 year old me to 30 year old me

Travel to exotic places

Make them places full of history and

drape their mystery around you and feel their soul.

Stop Obsessing over Objects. Stop collecting trash.

You cant carry objects around with you forever.

Collect Memories. You can carry them around with you.

Love who you are. Love your quirkiness. For there

is no-one like you, and never will be. Look after your teeth.’

Dont smoke -you need your lungs to climb

mountains on your exotic holidays.

Take a moment. Enjoy where you are right now.