Exciting Life….

Life Can be so electrifying and exciting- because

it is the very essence of energy. Your body

reacts in the same way as you

experience life-let it enjoy

the benefits of  this

exciting life…and

enjoy the energy.


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The Traveller…

Our world, 


We will have traveled this world,

made our mark and left our print…..

Make sure the print  you leave behind,

makes a good impression, that it leaves

a good impression, for those you leave

behind. Show them who are yet to follow

in your steps…. how to make their

impression for years to come.


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Is the grass greener….

If you think the grass is greener….

you haven’t been  on unfertilized lawn

that has brown spots from little rain…..

or uneven and furrowed grass from long games of

football and cricket played on them. You haven’t laid on

that lawn and stared at the stars at night

and remembered the good old days. The grass may

not always be greener, but it holds

some dear old memories.


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